In order to undertake training with Jarvis Training Management Limited (JTM), it is important that you understand and agree to the following information:


  1. Please ensure that you continue to check the status of your advanced learner loan up until the start date of your course, as you are responsible for your loan. If the Student Loans Company requires further information during your application process, you must action this as quickly as possible if you still wish to proceed.
  2. You will not be able to attend your training course until your loan has been approved by the Student Loans Company.


  1. You must attend the scheduled workshops for the duration of your course. If you are absent, your attendance will not be tracked on the system.
  2. If you are regularly absent, this could affect your progress and therefore, result in you not achieving the qualification.
  3. Regular absences may also result in you being withdrawn from your training programme. Please note, that you will be charged under your advanced learner loan for the sessions in which you have attended.
  4. Please note, if you are pregnant during the duration of the course, a risk assessment needs to be completed by the assessor on week one. The learner can only attend classes one-to-one due to JTM requirements for your safety. If you are due to give birth before the end course date, your learning will then need to be suspended and you can continue at a later date.


  1. Code of conduct is extremely important at JTM. Policies and procedures will be shared with you at the beginning of your course so that you understand the processes that we have in place and the expectations we have of you when you are training with us.
  2. All learners are issued with made to order JTM uniforms that relate to the course in which you are undertaking. Please ensure that you wear your full uniform at all times on the training premises. Please note, as the uniforms are made to order, they are non-refundable.


  1. At the beginning of your training course, you will receive a complimentary starter kit which will include the basic equipment that you will require in order to complete your assessments.
  2. Please ensure that all necessary work is submitted by the deadlines that your Trainer has set. You will not be able to progress onto further units until all necessary assessments are passed and the work has been completed for that particular unit.
  3. You may be asked to amend written work or undertake practical assessments more than once if the Trainer and/or Internal Quality Assurer (IQA) believes that the criteria has not been met. External Quality Assurers (EQA) will also sample your work and you could be asked to come back into the training centre after your planned end date.
  4. Please ensure that all work and assessments are submitted prior to the planned end date stated on your application. Failure to do so may result in you not achieving your qualification. However, you will still be liable for your advanced learner loan with regards to the training that you have undertaken.


  1. When undertaking the Nail Technology course, you will be required to purchase an Acrylic Brush and Monomer (approx. week 8) in order to gain experience in acrylic ‘bead pick up’ especially if you are wanting to progress onto Nail Services.
  2. Lamps and E-Files will be provided in the workshops for learners to use, however you will be required to purchase your own ‘E-File Bit’.
  3. Please note that only products provided by Poshnailz must be used during workshops for insurance purposes.


  1. Upon completion of your training, your evidence will be submitted to the Awarding Organisation, Focus Awards, who will award your certificate if all criteria has been met.
  2. JTM will contact you when your certificate has arrived to confirm your home address before posting it to you. Please note, that processing times may vary

I confirm that…

  • I am aware that I am taking out a Student loan to the amount of .
  • I will be charged interest on this loan whilst I am studying (5.4% current rate but this may change).
  • I understand that I am required to pay back this loan once I earn in excess of £26,575 and that this has been explained fully to me at Enrolment and that Repayments will start in the April after I finish or leave my course.
  • Repayments will be at 9% of my income OVER the £27,295 threshold,
    Example : Annual Income of £29,000 = amount repayable £1705 @ 9% is £12.78 per month.

I can also confirm that it has been explained that my Training Provider is Jarvis Training Management.

Please complete the declaration box below to confirm that you understand and agree to the information set out above.

Learner Declaration